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Date of Incorporation: 16/05/1931
Type of Company: Company Limited by Shares
Place of ROC: Kolkata W.B
CIN: L31200WB1931PLC007116

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer: Himanshu Maheshwari

Principal Officer: Mr. Ashok Kumar Hamirbasia, Managing Director

Salem Erode Investments Ltd.

Services Provided By The Company

Salem Erode Investments Ltd is a dedicated finance company where we sincerely serve to help you in every possible manner to secure your future financially; we also try to help you in your financial crisis. Our strong values; faith, depositor’s confidence, institutional trust, employee loyalty are the pillars of our success and these have always helped us to share a stronger bond with our every individual consumer, thus every individual associated with us has never considered any alternative instead of us as their financial adviser because we believe this is a family we are taking care of and every member is important to us.

Registrar And Share Transfer Agent

Niche Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
D-511 Bagree Market
71, BRBB Road
Kolkata – 700 001
Tel: 22357270/71/3070

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

Himanshu Maheshwari

Membership No.: 27621

Address: 14, Moti Lal Nehru Road, Kolkata - 700 029
Tel: 4003 2108
Email Id: seil_info@salemerode.com / salemerodeinvestmentsltd@gmail.com

Director List

DIN / PAN Name Designation Category
00291954 Ashok Kumar Himirbasia Managing Director Executive, Non Independent
00789030 Sunil Kumar Kanoria Director Non-Executive, Non-Independent
06915283 Prashant Gupta Director Non-Executive-Independent
00291853 Viswa Nath Purohit Director Non-Executive-Independent
02819677 Harsh Vardhan Bhardwaj Director Non-Executive-Independent
07412983 Ekta Goswami Woman Director Non-Executive-Non Independent
DGIPS4626D Arindam Saha CFO -
BATPM1402Q Himanshu Maheshwari Secretary -

Registered Office Address: Salem Erode Investments Limited, 14 Moti Lal Nehru Road, Kolkata - 700 029
Tel: 033 2475 2834 Email Id: seil_info@salemerode.com / salemerodeinvestmentsltd@gmail.com